Highspeed Online Checkweigher



Our Most widely used Product Series, the High-Speed Online Checkweigher is suitable for almost all the industries that pack / Fills products in Bottle, Aerosol Tins, Tubes, Pouches, Carton Boxes and Flow Wrap lines etc…

High-Speed Online Checkweigher – Maximum throughput of up to 100 Products per minute, weighing range from 20gm to 10kg and reliable weighing accuracy. Our B Series High-Speed checkweigher models are best in class for efficient and reliable Online weighing applications.


Maximum Measuring Range : upto 2 Kg

Minimum Measuring Range: 50 gm

Conveyor Size : L: 200 mm x W: 120 mm

Min Product Size : L : 30mm x W : 30mm

Max Product Size: L : 100mm x W : 100mm

Max Speed: 100 PPM

Accuracy : +/- 3gm

Type of Rejection: Pusher / Divertor / AirJet


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