Jumbo Weighing Scale




Punit Instrument introduce  Price/Piece Computing Scale for the medium to large stores selling food items across the counter.


  • Provides quick, accurate readings
  • For the first time in India-bright and Green  display that ensures easy readability.
  • More than 10 hours battery back up
  • Wide platter with weighing capacity up to 30kgs
  • Aesthetic and compact design with sleek exterior.
  • inbuilt Dual Display.
  • Memory for 24 items Prices
  • Weight retains during power failure.
  • Battery mode indication (when machine is working in battery).
  • Audible sound, when battery is discharged.
  • Accumulation of transactions.

Technical specification:-

Model pi-prc-pip
Physical dimension 345(L)mm*428(W)mm*407(H)mm
Net Weight 8kg(approx. with battery)
Weight Sensor Load Cell
Processor Micro controller
Indications Zero,Tare,Batt,Shift,Memory
Calibration Method Automatic Software Calibration
Power Supply 230V (+15%,-10%) AC, 50Hz
Battery Inbuilt 6v/4Ah Rechargeable type With More than 10 hours back up(under fully charge conditions)


Capacity Accuracy Platter size in mm
1.5kg 0.1g 250 300
3kg 0.2g 250 300
6kg 0.5g 250 300
15kg 1g 250 300
30kg 2g 250 300


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